Luxury Hotels, High-End Resorts, and Vacation Rentals Near Asheville

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You’ll find many luxury hotels in North Carolina showcased in state’s Western region near Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains. With an array of luxury mountain resorts, hotels, spas and retreats, there are many unique and indulgent experiences to choose from. The beauty of the mountains combined with high-end amenities make for an extravagant getaway with many extra perks.

High-end hotels in Asheville and other luxury resorts in the mountains allow visitors to relax and indulge in the breathtaking mountain views, rolling landscapes and nature with added top notch amenities. Some of our luxury hotels, like the Omni Grove Park Inn, have a long history of entertaining high-end guests including presidents, celebrities and other notable visitors to the region. The Inn at Biltmore is another Asheville hotel offering luxury stays on the grounds of the estate. The Inn Dining was awarded Four Stars from Forbes Travel Guide in 2019.

Five-star amenities are what set these luxury accommodations apart, going a step further to provide a more personalized experience. The staff are highly trained and accommodate many special requests like romantic gestures, proposals, birthdays and more. Some offer transfer services to nearby attractions and concierge services that help you create your customized itinerary in the Blue Ridge. Amenities may include robes, slippers, high-end toiletries, spacious rooms with suites, minibars, high-end coffee machines and more. Many include access to spa amenities, complimentary gourmet breakfast, evening cocktails with sunset terrace views and packages that include area attractions.

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